Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Interviewing on ANDS and RDA, in the Netherlands

Just in case you were wondering what it is like in Australia in the research data landscape? I am afraid I can´t tell you yet as my visa has not yet come through. Meanwhile I am still working for Knowledge Exchange and am quite busy organising workshops and planning the future of the initiative.

However, Andrew Treloar from ANDS can tell you all about the landscape and he will be at the SURF office on Friday 4 October for a seminar ´Data Infrastructure and the Scholarly Ecosystem of the Future´. I will be interviewing him not only on the Australian landscape but also on the challenges of coordinating infrastructure across national boundaries. This is an area in which the Research Data Alliance is active and I am looking forward to hearing from Andrew on the development of this initiative and finding out where and how this will be of interest to Dutch institutions.

With a big thank you to DANS for arranging for Andrew to come to the Netherlands as visiting fellow and being willing to host this workshop.

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