Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Idea management, an interesting tool

A tip from my colleague Maurice Vanderfeesten: if you are looking for a platform to collect, share, rate and manage ideas: perhaps Spigit? It isn't free but does seem to offer some very interesting and quite possibly valuable tools. Of course there are polls and voting, but you can also keep up 'stocks and shares' of ideas...
Reminded me of a face to face session I had at the computing department at Utrecht University. They have a decision making room with facilities to support just this sort of activity. See the webpage on 'beleidslab' (in Dutch). You can also rent this room with a moderator.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Evaluation of a year of Weblectures

I left Utrecht University almost a year ago and I was very interested to hear that they had evaluated the first year of the more widely available Weblectures service at Utrecht University. The report (in Dutch) can be found here.
A very quick and dirty interpretation: Students and staff do not all fill in surveys ;-) response rate was 33%. Students are enthousiastic, teachers slightly less but they are too. Teachers are not changing their teaching to adapt to the new possibilities. They are interested in learning more about the opportunities on offer.