Friday, March 19, 2010

Workshop on creating enhanced publications

Just a quick plug from my work. On the first of April (no, this is not a joke) we will be organising a workshop on creating enhanced publications (EPs). Participants will learn a little background on what enhanced publications are and hear some first hand experiences from projects done in 2009 on EPs.
And after lunch they will be able to get stuck in creating their very own EP. They will get a crack at using the EP editor developed in the ESCAPE project to create a map linking various objects and entities. We will also show some alternative editors which are in development or should be out soon. These are the LORE editor and the Word ontology add in.
There are still a limited number of places available. Please note that the workshop will be in Dutch and will take place in Tilburg.
Further information

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New NARCIS is online

The new interface for the Dutch portal to research output from all research libraries is online:

The interface is improved so it is now much easier to narrow down your search when searching through the over 200.000 Open Access publications available.