Thursday, March 05, 2009

HBO Kennisbank Widget

Just a quick snippet out of my new job: The HBO (Universities of Applied Sciences) in the Netherlands are now also adopting repositories. Interestingly they were later than the research universities who each built their own repository. A number of HBOs have chosen to make use of a central repository service offered by SURF. This is called the HBO kennisbank. It is a big success, especially in collecting and offering Student theses.
You can access the HBO knowledge bank at: but you can also add the widget below to your blog/portal/website.

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Annemiek said...

Ha Keith, via mijn google alert op HBO Kennisbank ontvang ik jouw blogbericht ;-)
Ik had de widget nog niet zo gezien; gaaf hoor, met die wisselende teksten; dat maakt nieuwsgierig en dat is toch wat we willen!!!