Monday, December 15, 2008

Lecturenet service has started

Officially the 'Lecturenet' service will not be starting until the first of January. We had a kick off meeting and had a cake to celebrate. There will be four recording sets available at Utrecht University for recordings. One for Arts and one for Social Sciences. The other two sets are available for all the departments of the university. All departments can request recordings at a fixed rate. Recordings are made by student assistants which are employed by a employment agency. The service is working hard on getting the website online with more information.
So finally a basic service has started, I do wonder how demand will develop.


Pierre said...

CampusTV reports that a recording costs 150 euros per recording. That is not cheap and might keep the number of recordings down a bit. Because, if you do a 7 week lecture cycle with 2 lectures per week that amounts to 2.100 euros for a course.
But, if that is what it costs, then it is good to make those costs visible.

Wilfred Rubens said...

Is a URL already available?

WvG said...

Interesting, we at the CHE will follow your traject. And for our first weblectures: see
We are waiting for de SURF-results about the systems (who Pierre is also testing). Much 2 learn!

Keith Russell said...

@Pierre, in fact the cost is higher. Based on 4 recording sets and 250 recordings annually per set the total cost would be nearer 190 euros. Only through commitment from two faculties and the central IT department and handicapped budget has the cost been brought down.
The challenge will be to get more recordings as the cost per recording will go down.
Please note that licenses and hardware is only a part of the total cost, the staff time involved contributes a large share to the total cost.

Keith Russell said...

@wrubens, no sorry, otherwise I would have posted it. The website should be up soon.