Thursday, November 23, 2006

How about an aggregated blog for conference reporting?

At the last onderwijsdagen a number of bloggers published together on a group blog. This does mean you have to write a separate story for the group blog and for your own blog...

How about creating a blog that consists of contributions of different bloggers on one subject (defined by a tag). This means that at a conference everybody can happily blog their own blog, but the common postings can be presented on a single blog (and of course you can subscribe to the feed). The articles can be read on this blog, or you can refer to the contributors blog the posting came from. This would require a moderator for the blog who does the mashups on the side and who defines which rss feeds will be searched for the relevant tag. You could also leave this open and let anybody add their blog to the list,

Of course there are a number of variations to this that already exist. Is see that Wordpress has a similar function but this does not (yet) appear to select on tag..

And you can create your own aggregated feed

Or what about all sorts of group blogs:

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Wytze Koopal said...

Hi Keith,
This is more or less the concept of the "planet".
So for example you have where all Sakai bloggers get aggregated. The only difference is that this "planet' thing is a sort of permanent placeholder, where the placeholder for a conference would be temporary (say: 30 days before the conference until 30 days after the conference). Any other ideas?