Thursday, November 09, 2006

Testing Sakai 2.3

I just have been testing Sakai 2.3. The installation went quite easily, but I already had the right Java on this machine, so that helped. Starting it up took quite a while, but then it worked perfectly. I have not found a bug yet.

There are a few things I am less happy about. It is very slow building up some screens. The WIKI is improved in comparison to the 2.1 version I tried. However I still do not find it straightforward enough yet... I cannot find the RSS feed so a student can subscribe to the Announcements. The only thing that does have a feed is the WIKI. How on earth does one get stuff into the presentations tool? I found it last time I tested, but appear to have lost it now :-( The sign-up facilities are great, but why do you want sections and groups? Can't the groups simply be assigned to sections?

I was very curious about the provisional tools, but these may not be offered with the demo... I couldn't find them straight away anyway. And that is a shame as I was very curious about the blog and podcasting and testing... I was very intrigued by the portfolio, but the administration of this does seem to require some serious preparation. This is not a basic hmtl or word template we are talking about ;-)

Anyway: it is looking better and it is about time to do some serious testing...

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