Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Apreso recording set is now on wheels!

Our AV guys were not very happy lugging the Apreso recording PC around so they screwed together this very straightforward but practical solution. In fact the screwing was very literal! But the result is a quick and easy set up that can be rolled about and set up in hardly any time at all! The timing function makes it even more practical: they can set the timer, walk away and pick it up when its done!
It is not exactly the way the set up was intended to be used but it works a treat.


Makheswari dasi said...

Thanks so much for posting this. It is something we are undertaking, so it is helpful for us and i am sure the many schools who will have portable podcasting stations down the road. Hope you don't mind if i ask a few questions.

I am guessing this is not a presentation computer but correct me if i am wrong. Is this computer used only to log into Apreso and set up the recording, or is it also a capture station? If so how do you wire it during a lecture? Can you capture the audio with this station? I like the camcorder idea. Looks like it is screwed down to the portable unit until you need to set it up for a lecture.


Keith Russell said...

Hi Martha,

This is a capturing station which we roll into the classroom. We connect VGA and audio and we can start the recording (the Camcorder is permanently connected).
Please note this is the original Apreso/Echo 360 solution and not the upcoming coursecaster.
We would prefer using a laptop but the fact you need two cards in your pc means a laptop is not a solution. Later we learnt there are portable pcs out there with a screen integrated and room for two cards (comparable to the mediasite ML recorder).This is especially practical if you have to carry the set about. I hope this is useful for you. If you need more information, do ask.