Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Recording Lectures at Utrecht University

The last weeks before Christmas were an exciting time. I was busy writing an application for funding for a pilot for the recording of lectures at Utrecht University. And I can now announce the good news: The application has been accepted and we can now start up the project. We have chosen the following approach:

  • Utrecht University has lectures at two locations: the town centre and the out of town campus. Two recording sets will be available: one for each location.

  • Only one playback set will be set up. This may seem obvious to some, but others that know Utrecht University will understand the significance of this fact.

  • This is a pilot for one year. This will give us the chance to gain some more experience not only with the software, but more importantly on the effects this has on learning and teaching.

  • We have chosen to try out the Apreso Classroom solution for a year. We are very intrigued how it will work out. It appears to be a fairly straightforward solution with good connections to both Blackboard and WebCT.

For all those interested in our findings: it will be a while before we have a set up and running, so please bear with us...

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