Sunday, January 20, 2008

More experiences using the Asus Eee

double screen use of VGA output

I have now gained some more experience on the use of my Asus Eee. It really does work a treat. I especially appreciate the VGA out, with its accompanying software. This allows you to go up to 1600 by 1280 pixels and will clearly show you which of the screens you are sending the signal to. (Beats banging on the Fn F5 combination and waiting for the beamer to pick up the signal).

I have also got the Utrecht University VPN working. I have not used the Cisco VPN client but installed VPNC. It took some puzzling and if I can find the time I might write it all down. If anybody is having troubles, do contact me.


MSL said...

Hello, could you send me instructions on how to get and install vpnc? I'm new to linux, so please keep that in mind. I've seen many people wondering how to do this, so you would be helping many people out. Thank you,

KJ said...

Hi Keith,

Found your blog googling for vpn on eee pc. Just got my wife an eee but she's having trouble connecting to a wireless network via vpn. Should be easy in Win xp but not on the eee. How did you do it?


Unknown said...

Hi, ,I'm having the same problems with my eee I just have been looking all over the place for a VPNC for EEE for dummies page and haven't found it yet, but if you could, please let me in on how you did it. Thank you very much.

Unknown said...

Same problem. Boo to vpnc and cisco vpn software... How can you even apt-get if there's no internet!!