Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The SMS wall actually did work!

It took some effort and some perseverence on the part of Pierre, but in the end the SMS wall did work and was put to good use in the debate Wilfred gave on the more ethical questions regarding the use of blogs and wiki's in education. I heard he will be posting about that soon.

Getting the SMS wall to work
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm doing some voluntary work for an group of free artists which are running an little exhibition space. Would id be possible to have your program for the sms wall for our next party? Thanks!

Keith Russell said...

Hi Snafu,

I am sorry that I cannot help you. We rented the wall (and the accompanying software) from the dutch telecom provider KPN. If the event is in The Netherlands you could try them. An alternative might be trying a Twitter wall. Perhaps Twitter would support a good cause...
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Keith,

i was thinking you used a microcontroller based solution. Maybe i have to dive into this topic by my own... (I'm teaching people in an apprenticeship for electronics)

Have an nice day!