Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A day at home with the Net-generation

I was supposed to attend a meeting of the CWIS group today, but life can take a different unexpected turn. My son caught a tummy bug so I spent the day at home, playing Triominos and other games and giving Second Life a go... So I ended up working with the netgeneration after al, but not quite in the manner I expected . I hope all the attendees had a great time and I really missed the meeting :-( I must look around on some blogs to see how they got on...


Pierre said...

Hi Keith,

Too bad you couldn't make it to Utrecht today. You sun looks as if he's feeling much better already (good!).
There was a live video stream + chat today, but the video for the session will also be made available afterwards. So you'll have a chance to at least catch up with what was said and asked.

Keith Russell said...

Hi Pierre,
Yep we kept me too busy to be able to chat or watch... We did manage some football in the sun :-)
Shame I missed your presentation, I just watched the slideshare and the excerpt by Frank, it reminded me that I must add a CC logo to my blog ;-)

Unknown said...

Hoi Keith,

ik dacht al waar is ie nou? Nu snap ik het :)

Ach SL spelen is ook leuk voor een dagje. Zie je vast binnenkort wel weer een keer, bij een etentje ofzo.


Pierre said...

> the excerpt by Frank

I haven't seen any excerpt. Do you have a link?

Keith Russell said...

Ah, the recorded presentations are now online at the CWIS website. I can now give them a good look over.

Keith Russell said...

Hi Pierre,

Sorry I was confused. I found the short video on Willem Karssenberg's blog.